Friday flashback: ‘My life on the mat’


More than a yoga met: a means by which to sail.

As a personal trainer, your focus is entirely on your clients. Through regular exercise, proper nutrition and your own coaching, your aim is to help them achieve results than leave them feeling better about themselves.

But what about you? How do you take care of your own needs?

In the case of the personal trainer I know best — my wife — part of the answer lies in a bright orange yoga mat.


Lori Rede: “I like to think of yoga as a facsimile for life.”

In a 2013 blog post for Voices of August, here is how Lori Rede described the experience:

Three to four days a week I climb onto my 2 by 6 foot raft to sail.
I sail alone.
I sail through unknown waters.
I ride waves.
Sometimes the waters are rough, but more often they are tranquil.
Eventually I float back to shore.
And everything very calmly fades to black.

On each of the trips I am transformed.

Read the entire piece here: “My life on the mat”

Yoga mat photo: Sinclairs Fitness



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