Not always right, but always sure 


Who wouldn’t be obsessed with this affectionate, quirky and adorable creature?

By Alana Cox

I never liked cats. I always thought they had an agenda, and I was sure they could tell I wasn’t a “cat person.”

A friend’s cat, the aptly named Scamper, scratched me across the neck when I was little. Our cat growing up, Prancer, was a good cat because she was so dog-like. She went with us on walks and hunted around the yard. Unfortunately, unlike our dog, she could actually catch the animals she chased with rather macabre results.

My husband had been begging me for a cat for our entire relationship. I put him off and said maybe when we bought a house I’d think about it. Finally, after an amazing trip to Orcas Island, we adopted a little tuxedo cat and named her Orca.

Orca the Killer Kitten can be found on Instagram @orcakitty. I am #obsessed with her. She is affectionate and quirky and adorable. And it has me wondering what other arbitrary but firm positions I have that I need to reconsider.


Orca the Killer Kitten

I’ve always been pretty risk averse. I have also always had a pretty extensive list of non-negotiables that I would defend to the end. Super important stuff, like Viva is the only brand of paper towels worth its salt, and mushrooms taste earthy in a “taste-like-dirt” sense. As a non-practicing attorney, I have to hone my debate skills on something (read: everything).

But Orca, among other things, has me wondering if I need to check my premises and become more ready to take a leap. What else am I wrong but sure about? What else am I missing?

Like most people, when I was a teenager I thought I knew everything, and that is a lesson I need to keep on learning. I still don’t know everything.

Maybe I could enjoy snorkeling more now than I did when I was 15 (but fish are creepy when you’re on their turf!). Maybe I won’t spend the rest of my career in government (but I love public service! Maybe I should get over the dim lighting and gore and get into Game of Thrones. Maybe the city I landed in by coincidence and timing isn’t meant to be my forever home.

Alana Cox

Alana Cox

So this year I am resolved to think less about the worst thing that could happen (bad cat scratches up house and human!) and more about the best (cutest cat in history softens heart!). I am excited to find out what else I am wrong about (it’s not mushrooms, though, those are gross).


Alana Cox lives in Salem, Oregon, with her husband, Jason, and kitty Orca.  

Editor’s note: Alana is a daughter of our dear friends Tom and Elsa Guiney. We’ve watched her move through the stages of life, from cuddly infant to teenager and college student to fun, responsible adult. And now, cat owner.

Tomorrow: John Knapp, The odometer


12 thoughts on “Not always right, but always sure 

  1. Alana, good for you to hold your ground. I find it very annoying when someone feels it is their mission to change my viewpoint and to enlighten me with their set of facts. That said, Kroger Brand paper towels are good value.

  2. Maybe you are not risk averse at all! Check out the previous blog and try swimming with sharks 🙂 Just kidding. Love your sense of humor .

  3. My wife has been a cat owner for our entire 33 years of marriage. Her current cat was anti-Al for almost 15 years and for some damn reason, now wants to nap on my lap. Elizabeth says “please, please let her” and I say, “if it was a dog”. Some positions are sacred…

    • This made me laugh out loud! My stepmom adopts the worst cats in history. I say if a cat has been anti-you for that long they are not to be trusted when they turn cuddly. (And I’m a cat person.)

  4. I am glad you opened your life to Orca, and that you’re now obsessed! I love cats. We call our current cat a “dat.” Like the one you had, she seems to be a bit dog. And “dat” sounds better than “cog.”

  5. I was born into a house of cats and I will die in a house of cats. People who say they don’t like cats just don’t know and appreciate them. My partner grew up with strays and assumed cats were all the same. Over the last several years, he’s learned that each is uniquely different and it’s own self. He still hasn’t gotten used to me carrying on full conversations with them, though. Whatever!!! 😉

  6. I love cats, as you well know. They are very wily. You have to earn their love, and prove it day after day. So glad you and Orca have found each other, and you have proved worthy.

  7. Seriously, cutest cat ever. Now following @orcakitty cause I could use more cute in my life. Congratulations on your new family member and examining your previously held notions. Growth is good. 😉

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