Voices of August 2017

august 2017 calendarLove. Death. Cats. Kids. Sharks.

Courage. Creativity. Kindness.


Those are just some of the topics you’ll find addressed in this year’s edition of Voices of August.

Launched in 2011, this guest blogging project is now entering its seventh year. I couldn’t be prouder to serve as host and curator of this annual wordfest, which draws on contributions from friends, family, co-workers and bloggers on both coasts and several places in between.

Whether you’re already a fan of this project or a newcomer to this site, you’ll find it’s a rare place on the World Wide Web — a platform where writers of all ages and backgrounds can express themselves in a safe place and find a community of readers who respond with thoughtful feedback. No trolls allowed.

Accordingly, you’ll find people digging deep into their core and revealing pieces of themselves that resonate with a broad audience. You may laugh, wince or weep. But you won’t be bored, I assure you. You will be entertained and inspired. You will admire the bravery of some writers and the sheer eloquence of others.

Mostly, I hope, you will be engaged and generous with your comments. Please leave them on the original post as well as on Facebook.

Finally, If you like what you see, spread the word and share the links. .

A trio of shout-outs as VOA 7.0 kicks off:

  • To Lynn St. Georges, who’s been an original contributor since Year One. She’s helped edit some of this year’s submissions to give me relief from my summer teaching responsibilities. She has been a great supporter of this project since its birth.
  • To Kristen Mira, whose invitation for me to write a guest post for her blog in 2011, inspired me to create Voices of August. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I plead guilty. I borrowed her idea and broadened the scope to feature a new writer every day of the month.
  • To my wife Lori, who annually shakes her head at the amount of time I put into this project but invariably gets caught up in the quality of the writing and thinking presented each day.

Last year, I said VOA 6.0 may have been the best year yet. A preview of this year’s pieces makes me think I’ll be saying that again when August 31 arrives. You, dear readers, can help be the judge of that.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Image: mtvcalendar.com


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