El dia de los madres

On Mother’s Day 2017, it’s my honor to recognize five important women in my life.

My late mother, Theresa, who brought my sisters and me into this world. Scrappy and feisty? Oh, yeah. Fiercely loyal and loving? Oh, yeah. That, too.

My wife, Lori, who has raised three amazing children — two sons and one daughter — with me. Today and every day, she is the heart and soul of our family.

My stepmother, Ora, who entered my life when I was a teenager, after my parents had divorced. Vibrant and well-rounded, she is and was the best thing that ever happened to my late father.

Shoutout to Ora (2015)

My mother-in-law, Virginia, who gave life to the woman I married. Sweet and always accepting of everyone she met, she modeled what a mother should be.

My daughter-in-law, Jamie, who is celebrating her first Mother’s Day today. She gave birth in July to our granddaughter Emalyn.

Oh, but wait. One more…

Our rascally mutt, Charlotte, was a mother, too, before she got picked up off the streets. Her bark is louder than her bite — quite a bit louder, actually — but we love our little rescue dog.


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