Season-ending selfie


Blazermaniacs: Deborah and George during the first half. Smiles went away during second half.

You can stick a fork in the Trail Blazers now. After last night’s gut-wrenching loss to the titanic Golden State Warriors, my favorite basketball team is one loss away from having its season come to an official end.

That should happen Monday night when the Warriors seek to put the finishing touch on a 4-to-0 playoff sweep of the home team.

On Saturday, I went with my friend, Deborah Heath, to see Game 3 of this Round 1 matchup between the Blazers and the Warriors, the defending Western Conference champions.

The Blazers played beautifully in the first half, inspired by the presence of their injured big man, Josuf Nurkic, and brilliant play by their star guards, Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. Deborah and I wore giddy smiles as the Blazers took a 67-54 halftime lead.

nurkic jersey

A fellow fan shows her support of the Blazers’ new center, a 7-footer from Bosnia who’s only 22 years old.

Unfortunately, Golden State is loaded with talent and the visitors came back to steal a clutch 119-113 win that tore the hearts out of the Blazers and their fans. So much for those halftime smiles.

The loss meant that I went winless as a spectactor. Yep, all six games that I attended this season ended in a loss.

LA Clippers. Dallas. Golden State. Boston. Washington. Golden State, again.

What a contrast to last year when every game I saw produced a win and a shower of confetti. I didn’t expect a repeat of last season but even one win — especially last night, when the stakes were higher — would have been nice.

Predictions: No. 1, Golden State is going to win it all this year. And why shouldn’t they with four All-Stars on their team? No. 2, if Nurkic is healthy next season, watch out for the Blazers.


2 thoughts on “Season-ending selfie

  1. Thank you for sharing, George, I enjoyed every word and sentiment. Bruce and I join you as fervent Blazer fans. I’m still in Hood River this week, and last night had to hopscotch between two bars to see the game. First one became pretty rowdy by halftime with the live music. Packed up, left, and walked over to another one a block away – very quiet and a few of us diehard and very hopeful fans stayed until the bittersweet end. But then I recall how we started the season with a serious dip by year’s end – and then Blazers broke out brightly like a daffodil in March. Hope springs eternal with this team and much credit to Terry Stotts!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Andrea. Had no idea you were such a rabid fan. In fact, I’m actually surprised that you aren’t a Lakers fan, considering your SoCal roots. Knowing you aren’t makes me like you even more. 🙂

    Good of you to show your loyalty After Monday night’s debacle, the sweep is complete and we can bury our hopes for another season. R.I.P., Rip City.

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