VOA 6.0 index page

GW field

(Photograph by Gosia Wozniacka)

An archive of who wrote what during this month of guest blog posts for 2016 Voices of August:

Aug. 1:  Anne Saker | Summer of change

Aug. 2: Alana Cox | All in for the Olympics

Aug. 3: John Knapp | On with the show

Aug. 4: Angie Chuang | Why some immigrants (heart) Trump

Aug. 5: Elizabeth Lee | This thing called retirement

Aug. 6: Gosia Wozniacka | The memory keeper

Aug. 7: Michael Granberry | America: Still ‘the beautiful’?

Aug. 8: Lillian Mongeau | Mile 17

Aug. 9: Michelle Love | Proof of service

Aug. 10: George Rede | Susie Reimer & the Humdinger

Aug. 11: Rachel Lippolis | U.S. lags on maternity leave

Aug. 12: Sue Wilcox | Last words

Aug. 13: Aki Mori | American internship in the shadow of Yellowstone

Aug. 13: Midori Mori | My visit to Heart Mountain

Aug. 14: Gil Rubio | Fate and destiny

Aug. 15: Lynn St. Georges | Impermanence

Aug. 16: John Killen | The downsizing dilemma

Aug. 17: Tammy Ellingson | Finger printed

Aug. 18: Michael Arrieta-Walden | Ripples of fear haunt kids

Aug. 19: Maisha Maurant | No room to breathe

Aug. 20: Patricia Conover | My movie star mother

Aug. 21: Parfait Bassale | The hidden script

Aug. 22: Jason Cox | The great white hope

Aug. 23: Nike Bentley | Sweet Claire

Aug. 24: Andrea Cano | A special neighborhood: Sesame Street

Aug. 25: Monique Gonzales | Pregnancy in my 40s

Aug. 26: Bob Ehlers | Back road cycling: Senses come alive

Aug. 27: Jennifer Brennock | Rhubarb summer

Aug. 28: Taylor Smith | I’m desperate

Aug. 29: Lakshmi Jagannathan | The lady and the lotus

Aug. 30: Elizabeth Hovde |  A haven for political junkies

Aug. 31: Tim Akimoff | Night on the Kahawai


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