Fate and destiny


Gil Rubio is a musician and a man of deep faith. “Not only did we have a foundation in faith and family, but we also grew up with respect and love for other cultures, customs and peoples,” he says. “Noncompetitive hard work, perseverance and camaraderie were key values for all of us growing up in Seaside, California, as we all struggled in the same manner with the world around us.”

By Gil Rubio

Disney put out a movie in 2015 called “Tomorrowland.” A highly entertaining movie, I found it also to be rather thought-provoking.

Without going into too much detail or plot …

At one point, George Clooney’s character, Frank Walker, asks a young
lady, “If someone was able to tell you the precise moment that you
would die, would you want to know?”

Her response:
… “ Who wouldn’t?”
… “Wait, would knowing mean you can change it?”

Fate and Destiny are not the same thing,
… although they are often confused.

What if we did know?
Would we even believe the prophecy of our time of passing?
Would it change the way we live every moment?
Would we think it is a farce or trick of some sort?
Would we show more concern for ourselves, or others?
Would we consider that someone is just trying to manipulate us?
Would we try to do something “good” before our time is up?
Would we just carry on as usual?
Would the real value of everything suddenly become obvious?
Would we become depressed and give into it?

What if the Whole World knew of its demise?
Would we come together collectively to try to change it?
Would we wait and hope for someone else to “fix” it?
Would we just lay down and wait?
Would we just party till it’s over?
Would we figure out that we all have something to do with it?
Would we even consider that we all “could” do something about it?


With all the trouble in the World at present,
sometimes I wonder if we are indeed near an end of some sort…
The World has always been out of control and violent.
People say that the Koran is full of violence, but so is the Bible!
Man himself has always been the biggest problem.
The sheer number of us, leads to more violence and selfish acts,
and now we are seeing even more of it because of our technology.

The technology has led us to believe only in ourselves and our own opinions and we put it out into the World and some will hold it close to them as absolute truth.

Right now there is some 40-year-old guy sitting in his underwear in
his Mom’s basement in the middle of nowhere who is putting his opinion
on the internet. (It could be me, except I’m fully clothed and I’m 58!)
How many people will accept his opinion as truth?

While there may be truth in what we are seeing on the Internet, how
can we be sure?

Even the Moon Landing all those many years ago could have been faked …
How many times have we seen realistic movies that depict things we
would never have imagined?

What if we are actually being shown all this negative stuff
and we are acting in a negative manner in response to it?

We keep spreading the negative and violent videos and the like,
thinking we are making others aware.
When in reality we are spreading the Evil ourselves.

I think we have lost our Humility and our sight of a Higher Power.
We fail to show our Gratitude and Respect for Life and the World we
have been given.
We certainly aren’t taking care of it or each other!

If these are Dark times,
then we need to light the World around us from within.

Believe in Kindness, Believe in Love, Show Gratitude, Show Humility,
Hope for the Future …

Make goodness happen for the good of all!

Fate and Destiny are not the same thing …

Gil Rubio was born in Monterey, California, and grew up in adjacent Seaside,  possibly the most culturally diverse city on the Central Coast. He is the operations manager at a print shop, teaches 5th grade Catechism, and leads a bilingual choir at the church he grew up in. An accomplished guitarist, he also is the leader of Red Beans & Rice, a blues-inspired, New Orleans-influenced band in its 23rd year with six CD releases to its credit.


Editor’s note: Cousin Gil is the youngest of three children born to my godparents, Salvador and Lupe Rubio. I fondly recall visits to Seaside as a young boy when my sisters and I would hang out with Gil, his brother Ralph (now the mayor of Seaside), and his beautiful sister Mary. His mom is the eldest of nine Flores siblings, including my late mother, and recently celebrated her 93rd birthday.

Tomorrow: Lynn St. Georges, Impermanence


6 thoughts on “Fate and destiny

  1. Gil – this is so spot-on …. thank you for it. I’ve been observing for some years now that whereas I love the internet and maintain a love/hate relationship with social media, I believe we have unleased a beast that has truly changed us. Like you said, anyone can find anything online that appears to support their views. We have become so entrenched in us vs. them because of it, and we are narrowing our world view, not expanding it.

    More importantly, you made me hold up a mirror to myself. I literally have observed a change in myself over the last year of 24/7/365 Trump – too many days of hatred and paranoia. There are days I can’t seem to post enough memes about how awful he is as a human being, never mind a candidate. You showed me that perhaps I am part of the problem, and I’ve always thought of myself as someone who tried to be part of the solution. So I should back off my anti-Trump memes … uff. But they are soooo tempting! 😉 Maybe I can find a balance and mix those with more kitten pics. 🙂

    • Hi Lynn,
      Sorry for such a late response, it a busy time of year for me!
      I am glad if my rambling made some sense to you. I felt so scattered at the time. Too many troubling thoughts and maybe it’s all a result of exactly what I was trying to say!
      We are a curious species in that we ask others to taste, see or smell something we find offensive and repulsive instead of merely describing.
      Not to sound one way or the other, but I begin my day with a prayer of Gratitude for the opportunity to try and be a better person.
      More Patient, More Forgiving, More Understanding, More Giving and Loving.
      It helps me…
      God bless you always,

  2. Oooo. What a wonderful think piece. I love it. (I soooo miss philosophy courses and my college years right now.)
    “What if the Whole World knew of its demise?” Would it change things if everyone subscribed to the Bible’s revelation? What if we are “spreading the evil,” rather than awareness? How do we best connect our kids and their friends with what society seems to have lost — gratitude, humility and the understanding that this life is about more than us?
    I want an evening of good music and wine for all this! That reminds me to try to learn guitar again. Every campfire and every deep-thoughts talk needs someone who can play. You must be awesome at campfires!

  3. I wonder about this too – “We keep spreading the negative and violent videos and the like,
    thinking we are making others aware.
    When in reality we are spreading the Evil ourselves.” It’s the law of attraction at work – whatever you think about becomes your reality.
    I also found this statement interesting “Man himself has always been the biggest problem.
    The sheer number of us, leads to more violence and selfish acts.”
    Is it possible that Man is innocent, but we are victims of our brains – these fragile, often defective, computers that we use to process the world. Hope to hear your music some day. I have visited the Monterey area a few times.

    • That was the line that stuck out to me the most as well. I took a sabbatical from social media a few months ago. When we’re feeding ourselves with negativity, and with our technology we definitely have opportunity to “spread the evil” more rapidly, it wears on us. There is still much good but we have to consciously seek it out and promote it.

  4. I love the questions you have asked in this piece.
    Would such knowledge impact the way we have been living? Would we believe it? It reminds me of a parabol told by Jesus in which a man burning in hell begging for some warning to be sent to those still alive and able to change course. But him being told that all the information needed for everyone is already available. And even a dead resurrecting would not change people’s minds.
    Habits and patterns are so hard to change. The scope of the rippling impact one’s minuscule change makes is hard to see and grasp. Hence we settle for routine and give in to despair.

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