Voices of August 2016


“Mi casa es su casa.”

You’re probably familiar with the Spanish phrase “Mi casa es su casa,” declaring “My home is your home.” It came to mind as I was thinking about the launch of Voices of August, 6.0.

Starting today and continuing through the month, I’ll be posting an original essay each day from someone I know as a friend or relative, a fellow journalist or blogger as part of my sixth annual guest blog project.

During these 31 days of August, this project allows me to invite a diverse group of people into my online living room (mi casa) and make themselves at home (su casa). Some are regular guests who’ve crossed the threshold many times with a fresh post each year. A few are first-time visitors. Together they make up a unique community on Rough and Rede II that effectively becomes a virtual family for this entire month.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa - edited

Actually, the bonds go well beyond August, with an annual meetup of contributors at a Portland restaurant or brewpub and an ongoing stream of comments and expanding ties on social media.

The seed for this project was planted in 2011 after a friend, Kristen Mira, invited me to write a guest post for her blog. I liked the idea so much I borrowed it and broadened it to feature a new writer each day.

As usual, this year’s posts will cover a lot of ground, touching on the issues and people and pets that matter to this eclectic group of guest writers. You’ll read about immigration, retirement, summer travels, relationships, bike rides and philosophical musings. You’ll also read about politics. No surprise there, given the emotions stoked by this year’s turbulent presidential campaign.



If something moves you as you read, please take time to leave a comment on the blog post itself as well as what you may say on Facebook, where I will link to each piece.  Writers crave feedback and I assure you this group of VOA authors will respond in kind. (Feel free, too, to share your favorite posts on social media.)

Two things hold special appeal for me in this yearly exercise. One is the cross-generational aspect with Millennials and Gen Xers contributing alongside Baby Boomers. The other is the geographical variety with essays coming from folks in Oregon, Washington, California, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Washington, D.C., and Poland.

All that said, pull up a chair and get comfortable. Welcome to Voices of August 2016.

— George Rede

“Mi casa” image: startupbros.com

Read last year’s posts: VOA 5.0 index page


6 thoughts on “Voices of August 2016

  1. I can’t wait to read all of the pieces this month. It’s always such a treat to get a peak into the lives of so many interesting people.

  2. Hi all! This year, George embraced (a bit too enthusiastically I might add) my suggestion of yielding my writing slot to my wife, Elizabeth, the real writer of our household here in Santa Barbara. Hope you enjoy her piece and as always, we look forward to reading yours.

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