Labor pains

spanaway sunset

Sunset on a suburban cul-de-sac south of Tacoma.

With only a few weeks to go before our first grandchild makes her debut, we headed north this weekend to try to make ourselves useful to the parents-to-be.

Lori had long ago proposed that we spend a weekend with Jamie and Jordan at their home near Tacoma to help them with a backlog of chores before baby arrives. Between their two jobs and Jordan’s full-time college schedule, we knew they could use some extra helping hands.

And so it was that Lori and I put on our grubbies, pulled on some work gloves and went to work alongside our son and daughter-in-law during the hottest weekend of the year. Excellent timing, right?

spanaway jax

Jax is the playful pit bull that Jamie and Jordan adopted as a puppy and nursed to health as he recovered from a broken leg.

Starting Friday evening, continuing all day Saturday and finishing Sunday morning, we accomplished quite a bit together in their expansive backyard — weeding everywhere, yanking out ivy, taking out a hawthorn tree, cleaning out a fish pond, a greenhouse and a couple of sheds, and then hauling two loads of yard waste and assorted debris to the local landfill.

If you looked at our forearms, you might have thought we went mano a mano with a couple of alley cats. But, no, the accumulated scratches and minor cuts only spoke to the thorny nature of the work. If there were labor pains this weekend, they were of the sore muscles variety — not those associated with pregnancy.

It wasn’t all work this weekend, by any means.

We got a sneak preview of the nursery room, tastefully decorated; went to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant; watched “The Revenant” together; and viewed an ultrasound image of Baby Rede at the veterinary hospital where Jamie works.


Jordan and Jamie, during their most recent visit to Portland in May.

It’s always a good thing visiting with Jamie and Jordan. They are such a hard-working couple, utterly devoted to each other, and so appreciative of time spent with family.

We wish they lived a little closer. But, hey, at least they are three hours, not three time zones, away by car.

There’s no doubt in our mind that they will be excellent parents.




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