Friday flashback: ‘Drowning in technology’

Technology is awesome. So says Nike Bentley.

With a simple handheld device, she can Skype with family, send messages to friends, take pictures, watch a TV show, listen to music, call her grandparents, map directions to a destination, take notes, and play Tetris.

social-networksBut with so many applications and places to explore — Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more — it’s easy to get distracted. And easy to become disconnected from real life.

” I can’t remember the last time I had an honest, thought-provoking conversation with anyone outside of my inner-circle,” Nike admits. “Why should we when we have nearly constant access to the inner-workings of everyone’s heads? … Possibly because everyone has their noses in their phones…”

Sound familiar?

I thought so.

Read Nike’s contribution to the 2014 Voices of August guest blog project: Drowning in technology




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