Friday flashback: ’10 tips for staying married forever’

J&J christmas

Jerome and Jeanne Faulkner: December 2012

Jeanne Faulkner is an author, a maternal health advocate and a neighbor of mine in Northeast Portland.

When I asked her during a busy time in her life if she’d like to contribute a piece to the 2013 Voices of August guest blogging project, she hesitated only slightly and then did what all busy, accomplished people do. She said yes and then made time for it.

What resulted was a gem: 10 tips for staying married forever.

She wrote it a few months after she and her husband Jerome had celebrated their 32d anniversary.

“We got married way too young and the odds were probably stacked against us,” she wrote. “And yet, here we are so many years later and we’re still  together.”

What’s the key to their longevity? No matter if you’re a recent newlywed, someone approaching double digits or someone who’s been married 20 years or more, there’s plenty of good advice to be gleaned from Jeanne’s piece.

Read it here and feel free to add to the list.


2 thoughts on “Friday flashback: ’10 tips for staying married forever’

  1. Yes, lovely post – until the last piece of advice: “Don’t get divorced.” Divorce is the best option for spouses suffering from abuse! Please be more thoughtful!

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