Friday flashback: ‘My life in the rust lane’

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In the summer of 2010, Kyndall Mason packed up and moved across the country with our daughter Simone and their little dog, Quimby, and settled in to a new life in a working class neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

At 31, it was the first time Kyndall had lived outside the Pacific Northwest. During the next two years, Kyndall would experience a number of firsts — not the least of which was the first time she felt comfortable to take risks.


Kyndall and Simone in 2011.

In a 2011 post for Voices of August, Kyndall looked back on their first year in Pittsburgh, the quintessential Rust Belt city, and the personal growth that ensued.

“As Simone struggled to find a balance between the rigors of an elite graduate program and a relationship, I struggled to re-create what I left behind in the security of friends and a progressive community,” Kyndall wrote. “I would be lying if I said the transition was easy and that we always knew we made the right decision moving to Pittsburgh together. But, I would not change a thing.”

Since moving back to Portland, Kyndall and Simone have planted even deeper roots here in the City of Roses. And this August, they will be married two years — much to the delight of Lori and myself.

Here’s the piece: “My life in the rust lane”


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