Mediaocracies: Looking for momentum

mediaocracies 2.0

Mediaocracies 2.0: From left, Joel, Brian, George & Mike.

We are four weeks into a new bowling season at AMF Pro 300. And while some things have changed, it’s clear others have not.

We’ve got the same team name as before — the Mediaocracies.

We’ve got two new team members — Mike Slama and Joel Odom.

And we’ve got pretty much the same results — mediocre.

Coming into last night, we had notched 6 wins and 6 losses, putting us in the middle of the pack among 22 teams.

Are we having fun? Yeah.

Are we discouraged? Nah.

We’ve got 11 more weeks to go and I’m confident (well, crossing my fingers is more like it) that we’ll catch fire and move up in the standings.


Time for a quick Q&A:

How did this team come together?

After we finished the fall season, two of us veterans were eager to continue during the winter, but two teammates bowed out. One because his work schedule changed and he couldn’t keep late-evening hours anymore. The other because the guitar class he wanted to take conflicted with Monday night bowling. Something had to give.

Who’s on the team now?

The holdovers are Brian Wartell and myself. We’ve bowled together for most of a five-year stretch covering three teams at two bowling alleys. The new guys are great pickups. They contribute to a positive team chemistry and both, coincidentally, are lefties.

Mike was on a “rival” team for much of the time we competed at Hollywood Bowl. Though we were opponents, we always got along well with him and his teammates. Joel is an assistant sports editor at The Oregonian/OregonLive. Until my retirement at the end of last year, we worked in the same newsroom.

sin city beer

Skilled bowler, stylish dresser. Future corporate team sponsor?


How’s the team doing?

Good or fair, depending on your perspective. We bowled really well last week. We won the first two games, only to have our opponents rally and win not just the third game but also the overall pinfall total by just four pins. Same thing happened last night. We won the first two games by close margins but then the other team came on strong and, again, won the third game and overall pinfall by 12 pins.

As a result, two possible four-game sweeps for us turned into two-and-two splits. After last night, we are now at 8 wins, 8 losses and most likely still in a tie for 10th place. We have the 5th lowest team handicap, which means we’re actually comparatively good bowlers, with averages higher than most teams. But that’s the rub — we’re almost always starting more than 100 pins behind our less-skilled opponents because they have higher handicaps.


With a little bit of luck, we could easily have a record of 12 wins and 4 losses and be challenging for first place. But oh well. It’s fruitless to speculate on what-ifs and might-have-beens.  We’re having fun and that’s all that matters.

We’ll see what the Mediaocracies 2.0 are made of.

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