Celebrating the Mediaocracies


We’re No. 11! We’re No. 11! From left: George Rede, John Killen, Brian Wartell and Tony Hernandez.

Bowling + Burgers + Beer.

Some might call those items an unholy alliance of a blue-collar sport with blue-collar grub. I call it a well-deserved splurge for four guys named Brian, John, Tony and George.

After all, we came together last fall to form a new bowling team called the Mediaocracies and consequently surged (OK, more like sank) to an 11th place finish among 16 teams in our league at AMF Pro 300 in Southeast Portland.

Had there been playoffs among the top 8 teams with winning records, we would have missed them with a final mark of 30 wins and 34 losses. But since this is a just-for-fun league that rewards every team with a cash prize based on their final standing, we wound up with enough cash to treat ourselves to dinner at TILT in the Pearl District.

By now, many readers of this blog know of my fondness for TILT. In a city that knows how to do burgers right, TILT soars above the crowd. (I’ll let the menu speak for itself: tilt-menu)

None of my three teammates had been there before. So when one of them suggested a team dinner in lieu of splitting the money four ways, we all got on board.

And a good suggestion it was.


Clockwise from top: Key Lime, Marionberry, Bourbon Pecan, Marionberry (again). Yum!

Over a couple of pitchers, 2 Woody Royales, 1 Mad Andy, 1 Groundhog, and a large serving of fries, we talked a little about bowling and a lot about everything else — politics, movies, urban redevelopment, the Harney County standoff and more.

With dinner out of the way, we realized we still had enough for dessert so … what the heck, we ordered pie, too.

No, we weren’t the best team. But neither were we the worst team. I guess you could say we were middle-of-the-pack, with averages of 110, 129, 136 and 156. But wasn’t that the point when we gave ourselves that name? With three team members who worked for the “media” and an expectation that we’d be a “mediocre” team, I think we lived up to it just fine.


From left at the bowling alley: Bernie Sanders (aka Brian), George, John, Tony and photo-bomber from another team.

We had a lot of fun bowling on 16 consecutive Monday nights –and the good vibes continued Friday night, knowing we’d earned ourselves a nice little reward.

Note: John and Tony were unable to continue when the new winter league began this month, but I recruited two new teammates. I’ll introduce the new team– Mediaocracies 2.0 — in a future blog post.



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