Ah, retirement


Ready for retirement! New slippers and fleece pajamas.

With no expectations and no obligations, I’ve got to say Day One certainly went well. I was well prepared for the launch, having gone out and bought a new pair of slippers and pajama bottoms.

The briefest of recaps:

— Got up around 5:30 (I’ve been an early riser for so long it was unavoidable.) Enjoyed an hour of quiet reading with a cup of coffee and light breakfast.

— Eyelids got heavy around 8 so…why not take a nap? Charlotte joined me on the couch and we quickly fell into slumber.

skull PJs

That’s Charlotte, tucked into the back of my knee. (Surreptitiously photographed by Lori.)

— Went to the gym and hit the elliptical. Had a light lunch, then went out and shoveled the snow off the sidewalk in front of our condos — the least I could do for our neighbors and anyone else stepping gingerly on the icy surface.

— Enjoyed some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of Lori and Simone, who came over to visit after learning her government office would be closed for the day. Is this what retirement is going to be like? Wife and daughter baking cookies every day? Only in my dreams.


Dim lighting and a shaky hand produce one less-than-awesome selfie of George & Bob.

— Met my friend Bob Ehlers for pizza and beer at an excellent brewpub, followed by the Portland vs. Memphis basketball game. The Blazers played probably their worst game of the season and lost to the Grizzlies, 91-78. Though a win by the home team would have been nice, it was good spending time with Bob.

He’s on quite a roll these days: First, his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes get crushed in the Rose Bowl; then his adopted Oregon Ducks blow a sure win in the Alamo Bowl; and now his Blazers fall flat against Memphis. And all this after seeing Portland lose to the Suns and the Knicks earlier in the season. Hmmm….I’m seeing a disturbing pattern here.


9 thoughts on “Ah, retirement

  1. Retirement protocol – baby steps, at the beginning, don’t attempt to sleep in all day. And remember to change out of the pajama bottoms before leaving home.
    Glad I could be part of the retirement launch, just wish the Blazers had realized the significance of the day.
    Regarding the performance of my chosen favorites when I am watching, I can only say I am now focusing on the Trump campaign.

    • Sound advice from a great friend.

      I like the Trump idea. If and when he topples, I will forward your comment to the NY Times so it can be duly noted that this is where it all unraveled for him.

  2. As you consider moving beyond the sofa, I think you should recruit John into establishing a tour circuit of your local weed dispensaries. Now THAT would be a worthy retirement plan!

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