New York, New York

Simone & Nathan in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006, the year after she graduated from Vassar and did a Fulbright in southern Mexico.

Simone & Nathan in Oaxaca in 2006, the year after she graduated from Vassar and did a Fulbright in southern Mexico.

What are the chances that two of our three kids would travel to The Big Apple on consecutive weekends? Slim, I’m sure.

Regardless, I’m happy for both, as I’ve always appreciated the benefits of travel. At the least, it provides a break from the routine. At the most, it recharges your batteries and opens the door to new experiences.

Simone and her college roommate, Liza Liveright, at last year's wedding on Orcas Island.

Simone and her college roommate, Liza Liveright, at last year’s wedding on Orcas Island.

As I write this, Simone is back east to attend the 10-year reunion of her graduating class at Vassar College. It’s hard to believe a decade has gone by since she completed her education at Poughkeepsie, 75 miles north of NYC. I remember well how Lori and I felt moving our daughter across the country — proud and a little apprehensive about what lay ahead.

Lori helped move Simone into the dorms in late August 2001. I followed a couple weeks later — just days after 9/11 — and still remember flying over Manhattan and seeing the gaping, smoking hole where the Twin Towers had been. The devastation reached the Vassar campus, where many students and faculty grieved over relatives lost in the attacks.

That was a sobering way to begin but the next four years brought amazing opportunities for Simone and she seized them. A summer internship in New York, a semester abroad in Cuba, a class that took her to Brazil, a post-graduate Fulbright fellowship in Mexico. Plus, wonderful friends — some of whom came out west for Simone’s wedding last summer — and several weekend trips to other campuses in the New England and New York areas.

I’m delighted for Simone as she gets to spend time with her college roommates and other friends.

Nathan Detroit rockin' the house at Holocene.

Nathan Detroit rockin’ the house at Holocene. (Major Arcana Photography).

A week earlier, it was big brother Nathan who was in the big city. He was invited to hang out with friends and serve as a guest DJ at a club in Brooklyn, as well as at Hamilton College, 250 miles from New York City. He had to do a fast turnaround after the gig and get to the airport to fly home for the wedding of his good friend and former roommate, Jared.

Evidently, everything came off without a hitch. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, Nathan had a great time in New York, visiting MoMA and eating well at the kinds of places that typify New York — Italian restaurants, Jewish delis, trendy bistros and breakfast spots.

For a foodie like him, it must have been heaven devouring a calzone one night, then diving into a platter of pastrami or corned beef, and wicked desserts.

Back in Portland, the reception was held at Holocene, the dance club where Nathan regularly plays his Booty Bassment show.

Thompson Library on the Vassar campus.

Thompson Library on the Vassar campus.

I don’t imagine I’ll see either one of these munchkins until Father’s Day. But I can wait. The stories each of them have to tell will be worth the wait.

As for little brother Jordan, well, he’s in Milwaukee, finishing Week Two of a summer internship in a lab at Marquette University.

Great to know he’s seeing another part of the country, too, while learning more about scientific research.


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