Mother’s Day 2015

The usual suspects: Nathan, Lori, Jordan, Jamie, Simone & Kyndall

The usual suspects: Nathan, Lori, Jordan, Jamie, Simone & Kyndall

The annual tribute to mothers around the world arrived yesterday and we had a wonderful little celebration of our own.

I’m sure just about every family feels the same way that we feel about Lori: Best Mother on the Planet.

Well, that’s as it should be. Mothers occupy a special place in our lives.

In our case, we were blessed to have all three of our kids with us, plus two spouses. (Sad that Sara, the girlfriend of our oldest son, couldn’t be with us, too, but we knew she’d be spending time with her own mom.)

We all contributed something to a delicious brunch that we ate in the fresh air and sunshine on our rooftop deck. As always, the conversation veered into the ditch, a place where inappropriate humor and political incorrectness reign. Funny stuff.

Charlotte was a mother, too, before we adopted her.

Charlotte was a mother, too, before we adopted her.

Because they live in the same city as us, we see Nathan and Sara, and Simone and Kyndall, a lot more than our youngest child and his wife. So it feels satisfyingly complete whenever Jordan and Jamie are able to join us, too.

All three kids are in a good space at this point in their life — gainfully employed or doing well in school; very much in love with their spouse or partner; and ready for whatever opportunity or adventure comes next.

After everyone left, I told Lori that I thought we had done a pretty fine job raising our three. They are happy, well-adjusted adults and get along well with each other — which I know is not always the case among other siblings.

This year, Lori received flowers or plants from all three kids, and a couple of books from me. It may seem corny, but to me those gifts represented Life, Love and Laughs.

Flowers and plants are living things, right?

A mother represents both life and love, does she not?

And the books she received were chosen to deliver a double dose of humor after a string of three “serious” books that Lori had labored through. So, lots of laughs to come, via Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey.

All in all, a pretty wonderful day with one very special woman at the center of it all. Our lovely Lori.

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