Doggone good weekend


Otto (from left) chills while Charlotte and Templeton take a break (a brief one) from play.

When I look back on this year’s Easter weekend, I’ll remember two things: an extended dog-sitting job and a superb dinner.

The two things do intersect. Lori and I agreed to take care of Templeton from Friday afternoon to early Sunday evening while Simone and Kyndall went out of town for a friend’s birthday party.

We were happy to do so, figuring that having an extended visit from a four-legged friend of mysterious lineage would be good for our little Charlotte, whose breeding history is only slightly less befuddling. And so it was. Templeton, at about 9 pounds, and Charlotte, tipping the scales at about 12, romped around for hours each of the three days, pausing occasionally for a water break or a chew treat.

Otto, the senior dog, wisely pretty much stayed on the periphery.

Easter dinner: luscious lamb.

Easter dinner: luscious lamb.

Sunday, the girls arrived for Easter dinner with Quimby – Templeton’s older sister — in tow. Lil Q had spent three days with a friend of theirs, as four dogs would have a bit much for anybody. Nathan and Sara joined us, too, and we all sat down to a fabulous meal based around a nice hunk of lamb. Lori had never attempted a dish like this before, but it was luscious.

We raised a glass to toast three new jobs – Simone’s recent move to a senior auditing position at Metro; Kyndall’s landing a lobbying/policy job with SEIU here in Portland (no more traveling to Pittsburgh!); and Nathan’s snagging a line cook job at Olympia Provisions.

Templeton, Otto and Charlotte spend some time on the rooftop deck on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Templeton, Otto and Charlotte spend some time on the rooftop deck on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

After dinner, it was the usual: unpredictable but entertaining conversation about food, music, movies, TV shows (we plead guilty to not having watched enough of the most highly rated series) and some irreverent humor. By the time we said our goodnights, all the dogs were pretty tired out. It was a low-key weekend, but lots of fun. Only way it could have been better would be to have Jordan and Jamie with us too. Maybe next year.


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