Jamie at 30

The birthday girl with her layered ginger cookie cake.

The birthday girl with her layered ginger cookie cake.

Another month, another milestone birthday in the family. This past Tuesday, March 10, was the special day for daughter-in-law Jamie Lynn. She celebrated with Jordan that day and then the two of them drove down to Portland two nights later for a family celebration.

Simone and Kyndall came over too (Nathan and Sara both had to work) and they joined Lori and me, plus Jamie and Jordan, for a light dinner, dessert and presents.

It was No. 30. And it was such a nice evening, relaxing with a focus on the young woman who captured Jordan’s heart so many years ago at a summer horse camp. I’m sure it was the combination of jeans, boots, blue eyes and blonde hair beneath a cowboy hat that caught his eye.


Jordan and Jamie Lynn.

They’ve been married five years now and she’s been a constant source of support for Jordan during his stint in the Army and now as he’s returned to college. We’re happy to have them relatively close by – 3 hours by car – but wish we could see them more.

We hadn’t seen the two of them since the Christmas holidays. With Jamie working full-time and Jordan immersed in school and National Guard, their free time is very limited.

Fearsome foursome (from left): Jamie, Jordan, Kyndall and Simone.

Fearsome foursome (from left): Jamie, Jordan, Kyndall (with Templeton) and Simone.

This week’s visit wasn’t just about candles and cake. It involved a practical aspect, too, in that they came down intending to sell their pickup truck and buy a used car. With some online research and a full day to follow up on Friday, they accomplished their mission: an orange 4-door Honda Fit.

Lori and I took them out for Thai dinner that night and raised a toast to Jamie’s birthday; their new car; and Jordan’s latest news – snagging a summer research internship at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (More on that in due time.)

Jamie and Jordan left Saturday to return home. We hope to see them again in exactly a week, passing through the Tacoma area on the way back from our island cabin. Wishing the best to Jamie Lynn as she kicks off another decade of fine living.

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