Back on track

Wesley Matthews, No. 2.

Wesley Matthews, No. 2.

No pre-game food porn photos to share this time (although that Koolakofsky burger at Tilt is da bomb). Just a post-game exhalation of relief.

The Blazers beat the San Antonio Spurs pretty handily last night (highlights here) and it was a victory that Portland needed. It was the team’s first win since the All-Star break after two losses. With an important game coming up against Oklahoma City, the last thing the Blazers wanted was to fold again and head into Friday’s contest on a three-game losing streak.

My buddy, Blazer Bob, came up from Salem to join me at the game. Nice to trade updates on our kids at these occasional meetups. Latest thing on his end? His son Chris and a fellow transplant from Ireland bought themselves a restaurant-bar in Ho Chi Minh City, where Chris has been living the last few years.

I admire the sense of adventure to live in Southeast Asia in the first place as well as the risk-taking involved to put up the resources to buy the former bistro. With a new name (Gumbo’s) and a substantial ex-pat community there in the former Saigon, here’s hoping they will taste nothing but success.

Hmmm….started talking about the Blazers, wound up writing about a Vietnamese bistro.

Just goes to show Guy Time is more than just burgers, beer and basketball. Other topics discussed last night: books, movies, politics and plans for travel later this year,


For the record, the Blazers spanked the Spurs, 111 to 95. The leading scorer was my favorite player, Wesley Matthews, with 31 points. One more regular season game to attend next month, this time with Lori. We’ll be rooting hard vs. the Houston Rockets.


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