Mister Otto

Still No. 1: Otto

Still No. 1: Otto

With all the attention being given to the newest member of our household, I’m thinking it’s way past time to say a few good words about Mister Otto.

A few good words like…I really do appreciate what a good dog he’s been since we brought Charlotte home in October. Really, he’s been an excellent dog in every conceivable way.

It’s not easy when you’ve had your “parents” all to yourself for the past few years. All of a sudden and with no choice in the matter, you’re asked to share the attention, to wait longer for a shorter walk and, most of all, adapt to this strange critter who came in off the street.

But Otto has done it all and done it masterfully.

He’s 10 now, and his gray muzzle shows it. He sleeps longer, he moves slower (deliberately, not painfully) and he’s not nearly as rambunctious as he used to be. Leave that to his little sister, the little black ball of energy (aka Charlotte) who’s nipping at his ear and lunging at his ankles in the early morning hours before he’s had a chance to open both eyelids.

If a walk around the block with Charlotte is an adventure, a walk with Otto is a leisurely respite. I was out with him the other day and thinking there are so many adjectives that would describe him at this stage: loyal, patient, adaptable, even-tempered, affectionate.

It’s been nice to see Charlotte become part of our household as she becomes accustomed to the daily routine. She plays hard, she naps near the fireplace, she settles down after dark, she curls up in our lap. It’s also been nice to see how Otto has accommodated her, exhibiting the same kind of tolerance that our big Max once showed Otto when he was the high-strung puppy.

We’ve often referred to our Jack Russell terrier as Sheriff Otto because he used to position himself near the street-facing window and growl at occasional passersby, as if he were providing security at some event. Now that Deputy Charlotte outdoes him in that regard, I think he’s pretty much ready to give up his badge and turn in his holster.

These days he’s just Mister Otto. Dapper and dependable.

He and Lori have always had a special bond, as anyone who knows the pair will surely agree. But I’ve gotta say, I love him too.


3 thoughts on “Mister Otto

  1. Otto is absolutely darling. What a lovely appreciation of a steadfast companion this is! Thank you for articulating your love for Otto and Charlotte in such a beautiful and poignant way.

  2. I loved this tribute to Otto, he is indeed what I call, a litle “Sir”. We have a similar dynamic with Cosby, 11 years old and MIa 4. Martin at 8 years, works well with both, but Mia runs everyone ragged!

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