Worth the wait

Friday nights usually find us relaxing in front of the TV, watching something we’ve previously recorded, and grateful for the end of a work week.

Last night was an exception — and what a fine one it was.

After months and months of waiting, Lori and I saw the British band London Grammar in concert.

They played to a sold-out crowd at the Roseland Theater, performing just about every song on their debut CD, “If You Wait.”

We purchased the tickets last summer, anticipating a show the day after Thanksgiving. But when the lead singer came down with an infected tooth and then vocal strain, parts of the band’s U.S. tour were postponed.

Finally, we got to see them. And, yes, they were worth the wait.

The view from the Roseland Theater balcony.

The view from the Roseland Theater balcony.

London Grammar consists of just three people: vocalist Hannah Reid, guitarist Dan Rothman and keyboardist/percussionist Dot Major. “If You Wait” came out in early 2013 and it’s been so well received that the band has been touring across Europe and the United States for some time.

I love their sound. As I’ve written before, Reid’s vocals are reminiscent of Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine. She’s quite the presence, tall and blond at center stage, though Lori commented she gives off a casual vibe. I agreed. She doesn’t flaunt her beauty. She just writes great lyrics and sings, and plays keyboards on a couple of songs.

It’s a funny thing. In recent years, our musical tastes have gone in different directions. Lori likes danceable tunes and electronica. I’ve been drawn to alternative bands and certain country/folk artists.

So glad we both thoroughly enjoyed London Grammar. Lori summed it up in one word: “Great!”

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