Taye Diggs is following me

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

So there I am, minding my own business when a notification pops up in my email: Taye Diggs (@TayeDiggs) is now following you on Twitter!


You may know Taye Diggs as one handsome actor who has performed on the stage (“Rent”), in motion pictures (“How Stella Got Her Groove Back”) and on television (“Private Practice” and “Ally McBeal”).

But why would a Hollywood celebrity be following me? Especially one describing himself as “I’m serious chocolate and don’t get it twisted.”

A quick Google search turned up a Gawker story that provided the answer: A social media expert made him do it.

Read the amusing backstory in “Embarrassed Taye Diggs Explains Why He Followed Everyone on Twitter.

Last June, when that story posted (and obviously escaped my attention), Diggs was following roughly 45,500 people.

Today, he’s following 270,000 people (so much for making me feel special for a moment) and he’s followed by 436,000 people.

Me? I’m following 474 people and have 810 following me. Pretty small potatoes.

This morning, I see that several more people have discovered they’re being followed by Diggs. And then there’s the guy who observes: “It’s 2015 and Taye Diggs still hasn’t followed me yet, mew.”

As for Taye himself, here’s what he put on his Twitter feed early today:

Carry on.

Photograph: People.com



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