One and done

Going out on a winning note: George, Cherie, Brian and Michelle

Going out on a winning note: George, Cherie, Brian and Michelle

In early September, I joined a new team of bowlers at a new venue, happy to continue my once-a-week routine at a local bowling alley.

Well, 15 weeks have come and gone and last night we put the wraps on our one and only beer league season at AMF Pro 300 Lanes in Southeast Portland. One and only because our team is sitting out the winter league and it doesn’t appear there’s much enthusiasm to return to this particular alley. There’s also no interest at all in following a few teams to yet another bowling alley in the suburbs.

We were forced from our “home” by the sale of Hollywood Bowl and conversion of the building to a hardware store. My old crew, the Broken Taco Shells, disbanded, so I was happy to land on a new team of Hollywood Bowl refugees at the new location. I actually bowled better — 152 average — than at the old place, but my teammates were less than impressed with the new place.

That’s fine. I’ll be happy to reclaim my Monday nights and have another evening to hang out with Lori.

Team captain Cherie and husband Dave

Team captain Cherie and husband Dave

As for the final night of bowling, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending with The Cheeseheads.

We gathered for a pre-game meal at the brewpub across the street, next to the strip club. Had a private room off the bar. Enjoyed a nice dinner and good conversation with teammates Cherie, Michelle and Brian (who replaced original team member Sarah halfway through the season) — and Cherie’s husband, Dave, who used to work with me for many years at The Oregonian.

At the bowling alley, we cleaned up — twice.

We won three out of four games from the Mis-Splits, who had come into the evening with an identical record as us (25 wins, 35 losses), which meant we finished in second-to-last place among 12 teams. Score a victory for team pride.

A cooler on wheels. Beverages not included.

A cooler on wheels. Beverages not included.

Each of my teammates also won some schwag during the final raffle. Michelle took home a beer glass, Brian won a $50 gift card to a brewpub and Cherie, befitting her status as team captain, won a portable cooler with a retractable handle, as well as a T-shirt with naughty language on the back.

I won nothing Monday night, but earlier in the season had won a T-shirt and beer mug of my own.

Time will tell if another opportunity comes along for coed bowling. In the meantime, I’ll add this season to the vault of fond memories.

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