I’m a loser

Barely six days ago, I allowed myself to engage in some fantasy baseball. Wouldn’t it be cool if one or two of my three favorite teams were to make it to the 2014 World Series?

And just as quickly as my hopes were raised, they were blown to smithereens. One by one, the Athletics, the Pirates and the Tigers were eliminated from the playoffs. Their combined record: 0 wins, 5 losses.

Even before the last nail was driven into the coffin yesterday with Detroit’s loss to Baltimore, this particular song popped into my head. *

With one minor edit, John Lennon’s lyrics could apply to one forlorn fan:

Although I laugh and I act like a clown,
Beneath this mark I am wearing a frown.
My tears are falling like rain from the sky.
Is it for [them] or myself that I cry?


What have I done to deserve such a fate?
I realize I have left it too late
And so it’s true, pride comes before a fall
I’m telling you so you don’t lose all.

Nothing to say now except good luck to the Giants in the National League and the Royals in the American League. Hope you make it to the Series.

* By the way, The Beatles recorded “I’m A Loser” some 49 freakin’ years ago. Amazing.


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