Sunday morning

SundaySunriseThere’s a reason that Sunday morning is my favorite day and time of the week.

By the time Friday and Saturday nights have passed, I’ve pretty much wound up from the previous week and look ahead to a day that’s typically short on planned activities. Well, except for a 9:30 a.m. yoga class with Lori.

There was no yoga class today, though, so I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Lori, followed by an even more leisurely walk in our neighborhood with Otto. I left the iPod and earbuds at home for a change and it was a great decision. Having no music in my head opened my ears and eyes to some pretty cool things in our ‘hood.

I was already feeling pretty chill and feeling blessed (again) at being married to my wonderful wife, who as I write this is participating in a season-ending cleanup of the community garden at the K-8 school near our home.

In no particular order:


— Church bells ringing

— Unseen birds chirping.

— Gurgling of someone’s backyard fountain.

— Lingering memories of Kacey Musgraves,* whose CD was the last I listened to before heading out the door.


— A free lending library in front of someone’s home — one of those homemade contraptions that invite people to take or leave a book on the honor system).

— A boy, 9 or 10 years old, playing a game of catch in the middle of the street with his mom.

“I like your hat,” he said, chasing down an errant throw as I passed by.

“Thanks,” I replied.

Who’s got the better arm?” I called out to the woman.

“He does,” she said with a smile. “I’m just the target.”

“We’re big Pirates fans, by the way,” she added, acknowledging the black-and-yellow cap on my head.

— A dad walking his two young daughters toward me on the sidewalk, the younger one holding his hand. Both girls wore backpacks. My guess: He was walking them home after a sleepover in the neighborhood.

— A mom and dad, with two kids in tow, stopping outside our townhouse building so the woman could take a photo of the poetry post we and our neighbors installed.

“You’re welcome to take a copy of the poem,” I said from a distance.

“Oh, is this yours?”

“Yep. That’s the one I put in there.** We take turns posting a new one every Friday.”

“How cool. Thanks.”

The world can be a harsh place sometimes. But 20 minutes walking the dog is all it took to lift my spirits for the day. So fortunate to live in this city, in this neighborhood, in this moment in time.

* Listen to Kacey Musgraves

** Read the poem: “You can’t tell by looking”


5 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. When we appreciate where we are, and who we are sharing this brief journey with, there is joy to be found in taking stock. You have made wonderful choices all along the way and created, with Lori, a creative life worth emulating. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” ―Voltaire

  2. what a good thing! Disconnecting from devices is very rewarding. You can have conversations. You can meet new people. You can listen to and observe life going on around you.

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