The Cheeseheads

From left: Sarah, Michelle, George and Cherie.

From left: Sarah, Michelle, George and Cherie.

A new season. A new league. A new venue. A new team.

Fall bowling season began last night and I’m set. I’m bowling with three wonderful women who were members of a rival team in our long-running Tuesday night beer league at Hollywood Bowl. But with the closure of that venerable alley, many Hollywood bowlers gravitated to AMF Pro 300 Lanes in Southeast Portland.

As before, we’ll be in a coed league of four-member teams for the next 15 weeks.

My teammates: Cherie, Michelle and Sarah.

What else? A cheesehead.

What else? A cheesehead.

Our team name: The Cheeseheads. Named in honor of Cherie and Sarah, sisters who were born in Wisconsin and still root for the Green Bay Packers.

Our first outing: Successful. We won all 3 games, plus total pinfall, last night against another foursome from Hollywood Bowl. I got off to a great start, a 512 series (170, 162, 180) after going all of last season without breaking the 500 barrier. Yikes. Might have set the bar too high.

Looking forward to a great season with terrific teammates.



One thought on “The Cheeseheads

  1. Yay! I was hoping Hollywood’s closing wouldn’t stop you! You should see my bowling post-brain injury: HIlarious. Aim? Forgeddaboutit! I should get to bumper-bowl with my kids. The two times we went in the past three years, I ALMOST had an 8-year-old son beat me. The kids LOVE my TBI at sporting moments!

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