Let the voting begin

Badge - 2008 electionAnother year, another success.

Voices of August 4.0 was every bit as interesting and illuminating as the three iterations before it. No wonder I look forward to it every summer with great anticipation.

As usual, we had 31 different writers participate in VOA, an annual guest blogging project inspired by a friend who asked me to contribute a piece to her blog.

As curator and host, I have the privilege of inviting a changing mix of people to the party — friends, relatives, neighbors, past co-workers — and the pleasure of previewing each person’s essay.

Without exception, I am entertained and delighted by each one. I love the variety of topics, the intimacy of the writing and the compelling thoughts that stay with me after reading such thoughtful, and often highly personal, pieces. I love that everyone brings his or her unique perspective to the project and, in doing so, effectively contributes a square to our digital quilt.

Most of all, I love seeing the sense of community among writers (and readers!) reinforced each year. As disparate as the topics may be, people find common experiences among themselves, prompted by ruminations about work, travel, food, health, parenting, music — and much more. The support and feedback offered in comments here on Rough and Rede II and on Facebook are a wonderful testament to the bonds created among regular contributors and the welcoming embrace of new writers.

Now we come to the bonus part: voting for our favorites.

As with previous years, anyone who has written a guest blog or who considers himself/herself a regular reader of VOA can vote for three favorite pieces. We’re not necessarily talking the “best” from a technical writing standpoint. No, I’m talking about whatever resonated with you. What made you laugh or cry? What surprised you or made you see yourself? Who taught you something or made you rethink what you believe?

Please take no more than a week to review the month’s posts here at the VOA 4.0 index page and then send me the titles of your three favorites at ghfunq@msn.com.

Based on the top vote-getters, we’ll narrow those to a handful and have a second round of voting to determine our favorites.

It goes without saying that as you revisit the body of work, it’s one more opportunity to leave a comment on one or more posts. As human beings, we thrive on feedback.

Deadline to vote: Saturday, Sept. 13.


2 thoughts on “Let the voting begin

  1. George, this mayhap be a task of whimsy. I enjoyed all the different voices, inspiration and experiences. My three would be favorite du jour. Okay, 31 numbers in a hat and I’ll pick three. Writers, my hat is off to all of you for sharing your stories. Thank you for letting us enjoy them.

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