10,000 steps



With the Nike fuel band, you measure your physical activity, then get a visual reward when you meet your daily goal.

Thanks to a Father’s Day gift from my wife, I’ve now got something on my right wrist to remind me to stay active. It’s a fuel band from Nike – a wraparound device that measures your daily steps and “fuel.”

I don’t know if fuel is a synonym for calories but the more important measurement for me is steps. Evidently, you need to record a minimum 10,000 steps in a single day (about 5 miles) to keep your weight constant. If you fall below and don’t reduce your caloric consumption, you’re likely to add a pound or more.

I already track my weekly exercise – running, swimming, weights, yoga and the occasional treadmill or elliptical session – so adding the fuel band is no big deal. Seeing it constantly on my wrist is a reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to extend the neighborhood walk with Otto by another block or two.

And, of course, meeting or exceeding my daily goal brings a cheap reward: the fuel band spells out “GOAL” in vivid colors.


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