Springwater Trail

Springwarer Trail

Mount Hood provides eye candy as you head east on Springwater Trail near Gresham.

A couple of weekends ago, I vowed to set aside Saturday as the day I would get out for a longer run, hopefully at a local park. Yesterday I did that by driving out to Gresham, where I ran east in a four-mile loop from Main City Park. It had been a really long time — probably two years or more — since I’d been on the Springwater Trail at that location. The trail spans 21 miles from downtown Portland all the way out to the town of Boring. The experience of it brought back memories of when I’d go there regularly when I was training for half-marathons. It’s safe, quiet, lined with leafy trees, and free of kamikaze bike riders.

There are plenty of bicyclists, for sure, but no one seems to be racing or reckless, which I always appreciate as a runner. On a hot day like yesterday, patches of shade along the path provide a nice respite. I’ll be going back again, but next time I’ll head west for variety’s sake.

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