Saturday Sounds: James Taylor

There are certain recording artists you associate with particular times in your life and James Taylor is one of those for me.

His debut album, “Sweet Baby James,” came out in 1970, the same year I started college, and the songs on that album — “Fire and Rain,” “You’ve Got A Friend” and more — became part of the soundtrack to my years at San Jose State.

He went on to record a slew of other albums as my generation’s perhaps best-known singer-songwriter,  someone known for earnest lyrics,  pleasing melodies and a signature sound with his warm voice and acoustic guitar.

Taylor has won multiple Grammy awards and has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame. He’s also collaborated with other artists, including my favorite, Alison Krauss.

He played a concert in Portland last night, but we had other commitments and couldn’t go. That’s fine, though, because I still carry fond memories of seeing him during my college days. He played at the Berkeley Community Theater and the opening act was Linda Ronstadt.

Does that make me old?


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