Bowling, burgers, burritos and tadpoles

Several months had passed since Lori and I had managed to visit our youngest son and daughter-in-law, so when the stars aligned on Memorial Day weekend, we jumped at the chance to head north.

Jamie & Jordan at Hidalgo's.

Jamie & Jordan at Hidalgo’s.

August was the last time we’d been up to their home in Spanaway, just outside Tacoma, owing to the difficulty of coordinating the schedules of all four of us. Heck, until Mother’s Day, we hadn’t seen Jordan and Jamie together since New Year’s Day.

Our visit was barely more than 24 hours from late morning Saturday to just after lunch Sunday, but it was just right in terms of time spent together, with allowances for Guy Time and Girl Time.

Bowling. Shortly after Jamie arrived home after concluding an on-call visit at the veterinarian’s office where she works, she and Lori suggested Jordan and I get away for some father-son time. We chose bowling at a nearby alley and had a fun time.

Before you can grill, you've got to move Beau.

Before you can grill, you’ve got to move Beau.

Burgers. After a trip to the grocery store, it was time for Jordan to put on his chef’s hat and apron (well, OK, you’ll have to imagine it) and fire up the grill. He delivered four perfect hamburgers, washed down with beer and wine.

Burritos. Sunday lunch called for a trip to Jordan and Jamie’s favorite Mexican restaurant – Hidalgo’s. It’s become part of the routine whenever we visit and I know each and every time what Jordan will order: bean-and-cheese burrito.

Jamie and Jax (in background) check out the pond.

Jamie and Jax (in background) check out the pond.

Tadpoles. J and J are justifiably proud of all the work they’ve done in their backyard to make it such an amazing place. They’ve pruned fruit trees, planted a vegetable garden, strung up a hammock and made a small backyard pond habitable again. They have seven goldfish.

Lori and Jamie chose to visit a nursery during Girl Time Sunday morning and they came home with some items to improve the pond’s water quality and get rid of the algae buildup. Water plants? Sure. But tadpoles? Yep. They’ll eat the scum.

Who knew?

And who knows how long it will be before our next visit? I know I can count on another meal at Hidalgo’s. I’m expecting to see a cleaner, healthier pond, along with a family of frogs.


Otto (top) and Jax, a rescue pit bull puppy, patrol the backyard. All was secure.

Otto (top) and Jax, a rescue pit bull puppy, patrol the backyard. All was secure.


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