Molly and the Oscars

Lori and I never quite got around to seeing every movie that was nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, but we’ve managed to catch up with a couple more in recent days.


By visiting our friend, Molly, at her Northeast Portland home and trading off between Netflix and a movie channel on her new TV. It’s been a fun way for all of us to finally see “Captain Phillips” and “Inside Llewyn Davis” while munching on homemade popcorn in the comfort of our friend’s living room.

Molly the Movie Buff.

Molly the Movie Buff.

I’d give both films 3 stars out of 4 — good but not great. Tom Hanks had his moments as the captain of a U.S. tanked captured by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, but I was put off a bit by his taking on a Boston accent for the role. In the other film, the Coen brothers do a nice job of telling the story of a young folk singer trying to navigate the Greenwich Village scene in the early ’60s. Oscar Isaac is very good in the title role but you can’t help but feel disappointment at his character’s inability to pull it together in terms of employment, relationships and general reliability.

Molly is a longtime friend and personal training client of Lori’s. She retired a couple years ago from a state government job that saw her recognized as an advocate for increasing employment opportunities for people with development disabilities. She is tenacious, passionate and opinionated. And a lot of fun, too. Well-read and quick to laugh. Molly joined us a couple weekends ago at Simone’s choir concert and more than held her own at the end of the table with our kids and their partners when we went out for drinks and appetizers.

Don’t know what we’ll see next but Movie Night with Molly has been a nice addition to our weekly routine.





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