Dinner for six

Sunday evening brought the opportunity to meet another member of Kyndall’s family — the woman she fondly calls “Granny.”

Don’t know about you, but “Granny” makes me think back — way back — to the Irene Ryan character on the old TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies.” A caricature, to be sure, of a cranky, old, rough-around-the-edges woman straight from the backwoods.

How far from the truth that is in the case of Clarann Witty. The woman Lori and I met over dinner at a downtown restaurant was none of that. She greeted with me a hug and a big smile; displayed abundant warmth, wit and good humor; and looked like she’d come straight from the beauty shop — tastefully dressed, nice jewelry, totally put together.

Lori, Simone, Kyndall, Rena & Clarann at Jake's Grill.

Lori, Simone, Kyndall, Rena & Clarann at Jake’s Grill.

She and her daughter Rena, Kyndall’s mom, had just arrived in Portland barely 45 minutes earlier — Rena from Moses Lake, Wash., and Clarann from Enterprise, Ore., in the Wallowa Mountains — to spend a couple of days with our girls in their new home.

We’d met Rena previously and totally enjoyed her. Meeting Clarann was just as sweet. Her husband, Derrell, stayed behind at their home just outside the Eagle Cap Wilderness but maybe we’ll get a chance to meet him too. Clarann made their little corner of Oregon sound awfully enticing.

With the arrival of April, the countdown begins: a little over 4 months from Simone & Kyndall’s wedding day on Orcas Island.

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