Gospel music

Saturday was an evening for spirituals and gospel music, courtesy of Consonare Chorale, the coed choir that Simone has been singing with for a few years.

consonare-programThe program featured 11 selections by the 45-member choir, sandwiched around a four-song set performed by The Brown Sisters, a trio of Portland-born siblings who sing with heart and soaring melodies. The 11th song was a stirring collaboration between the choir and Dorcas Brown Smith, lead vocalist for the Sisters.

Between Lori and me, Kyndall, Nathan and Sara, and our friend Molly, we nearly filled an entire pew at First Congregational United Church of Christ in the South Park Blocks. Though I can’t sing a lick and can’t read a note, I appreciate that we’ve broadened our musical horizons through our daughter. She took to the piano and violin at a young age, and has always loved to sing as a member of youth, high school and college choirs, and now with a  select community group.

Seeing Simone on stage is always a thrill. And it’s nice when we can celebrate her performances afterward with good food, easy conversation and plenty of laughter.


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