Guy time on Orcas


Bridge separating Rosario Lagoon, left, from Cascade Lake.

The idea was Lori’s. The details were left to me to work out dates and other logistics. And so it came to pass over a period of three days last week: father-and-sons time on Orcas Island, with no agenda other than to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We’d never done it before. But we had so much fun, we agreed we’d like to do it again, hopefully with an extra day or two.

Nathan and I drove up early Tuesday, caught the mid-afternoon ferry from Anacortes and arrived at our Eagle Lake cabin around 5:30 p.m. Jordan was already there, having gone up on Saturday with wife Jamie for a 3-day weekend and celebration of her birthday on Monday. She returned home to Spanaway the next day, leaving Jordan to wait for us.

Nathan cooked the first of two delicious dinners that night, while I took care of breakfasts. We went out for only one meal – lunch at the Lower Tavern, known for serving the best burger on the island – and shot some pool before the food arrived at our table.


Jordan, left, and George head to the shore at Obstruction Pass State Park.

We took two hikes – one to Obstruction Pass State Park and another to Cascade Lake and Rosario Lagoon – both thoroughly refreshing and enjoyable. Other than that, we spent a lot of time reading, relaxing and listening to music before coming together at night for movies. The previous owner of the cabin left behind more than 200 VHS movies, so we’ve always had our pick of ‘80s and ‘90s flicks.

This time was no different. We watched two thrillers, one drama and one fairy tale. And which one did my boys like best? An old favorite: “The Princess Bride.” (My vote: “The Fugitive.”)


Jordan and Nathan at Obstruction Pass State Park, with Buck Bay in background.

The weather was perfect: sunny, cloudless and warm (mid to upper 60s). We did clean up around the property, as there were quite a few tree limbs down from a late winter snowstorm earlier in the month. And Jordan and I did manage to make it down to Doe Bay Resort’s Open Mic night for about an hour Thursday, where we met up with Jennifer, a friend and fellow writer, and her son, Mo.

Friday morning came all too soon. Had to rise early to catch the return ferry and get both boys back for their respective commitments that evening.

Along with some fine photos, I brought back some nice moments for the memory bank. As a dad, it’s great to spend one-on-time with each of my sons (daughter, too, of course). It’s even better when you can be together and see the love and respect they have for each other.

Nathan may be 33 and Jordan 26, but there’s still plenty of “boy” in both of them. Love those guys.


Nathan and Jordan at the Orcas Hotel, last stop before boarding the ferry back to the mainland.


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