The Cornballers

The question came out of left field:

“George, do you play cornhole?”


A friend was inviting me to join his four-person team — two men and two women – in a weekly indoor activity sponsored by an amateur recreational sports league.

A quick internet search told me what I needed to know. Cornhole, popular throughout the Midwest, is basically an indoor version of horseshoes. Instead of pitching metal shoes at an upright post, players toss beanbags, filled with raw corn kernels, at a small, sloping target made of wood and set on the floor.

Toss your beanbag into a small hole cut into the board and earn three points. If your beanbag doesn’t make it into the hole but lands on the board and stays there, it’s worth a point. If the opposing team also has beanbags in or near the hole, they cancel out yours and one team or the other gets a “net” score for that round (or both get zero if their tosses cancel each other exactly).

First team to reach 21 points wins. It’s that simple.

It’s also one of the few sports you can play with a beer in one hand. Or chicken wings sauce on your fingers.


At Superhero theme night: George, Jen and Leroy.

So, yeah, I signed up. And that’ explains why I’ve been spending  Wednesday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. My teammates Leroy Metcalf (he of Voices of August “fame”), Jen Hamlow and Lauren Pusateri and I started off slow the first week but we’ve come on strong the last two.

And thanks to league organizers, who try to spice things up with theme nights, we’ve had a Dress Like a Superhero Night and next week will have a Dress Like Your Favorite TV Show Characters night.

If the sight of four adults (not us!) showing up dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Opposing teams in action during a game of Cornhole.

Opposing teams in action during a game of Cornhole.

So, yeah, I play cornhole.

Proud to be a member of the Cornballers. As opposed to the Awesome Shuckers.

Cornhole terms like “cow pie” and “slider” are right here.

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