Taco shells and meatballs

Taco shells and meatballs

I know what some of you are thinking…But you would be wrong. It’s kale salad.

Sunday night it was our turn to host the post-season party for our co-ed bowling team, the Broken Taco Shells. We tumbled a bit in the standings, so we “celebrated” our 7th place finish among 12 teams with catered meatball sliders and kale salad, plus appetizers, side dishes and a delicious cake baked by Lori.

The main dish came from 24th and Meatballs, which advertises its signature offerings as “Portland’s tastiest balls.”

Well, who are we to disagree after noshing on beef, pork and chicken balls with classic Italian, pork piccante and fresh pesto toppings? (Insert shameless plug here: our son Nathan is doing some marketing work for 24th and Meatballs, so any catering orders you can send his way would be great. Or just like their Facebook page.)

Anyway, we had a fun get-together, as always, and there was plenty of kale salad left over for everyone to take away a small or large baggie.

And now, on to Season No. 5 — Tuesday nights at Hollywood Bowl — with my teammates Morgan, Erin, Brian, Beth, Ellie and John.


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