A new year, a new look


It’s time for a change. After four years and 10 months of blogging; after 1,149 posts; after two template changes on Blogspot.com software, I’m in the mood for a different look.

I’m going to roll out this new site on WordPress.com in the coming days and I welcome feedback from both new and previous followers. I’ll do my best to populate the site with a mix of topics, ranging from short and punchy to somewhat longer and more contemplative.

My goal here is to be a little less predictable and a whole lot more engaging. And if this software is compatible with that of most readers, perhaps we can see a return to the posting of comments on the actual blog post rather than just Facebook.

Thanks for joining me on the ride. Together we’ll see where it takes us.

Oh, and of course you can always access the original Rough and Rede blog (2009-2013) at http://roughandrede.blogspot.com/
Image: newmoneymama.com

2 thoughts on “A new year, a new look

  1. I like it. (Even though I wonder if the larger print is because we’re all getting old(ER).) 🙂
    It seemed faster to load on my iPhone. That’s really good! Shorter — not necessary for me (says the girl with 750-word columns and thinks that is too few words!). Ahhh. To have the gift of brevity.
    Love Rough and Rede. Keep it up!

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